Masks Optional at Sunday Celebrations Beginning February 13


A Letter from Pastor Jared

Thanks church for taking the time to give us feedback on our COVID related strategy going forward. It helps not just to learn what you’re comfortable with, but to learn why. As you’d guess, your conclusions and rationales are varied and ever-changing.


I’m grateful for the notes of encouragement and prayers of so many of you as we navigate this as a leadership team.


Best we can tell, from those who took the survey:

– 80% are comfortable coming to a masks optional service.

– 9% are comfortable with masks 5 and over.

– 3% are comfortable with an all masked service.

– 8% are not comfortable with any service at this time.


Without getting too deep into it, a good percentage of those less comfortable, are attending Neighborhood Church on Sunday mornings regularly, thus further-diminishing the possible attendance of a masked service. 


It’s also important to remember that we’re living in a season where exposures and quarantines are disrupting even the best laid plans, on top of a general 30% non-attendance due to travel, or any number of things, even in the most “normal” of years. #statspastorshate


I’m concerned that a mask-required service at this time will not have the regular attendance necessary to create the welcoming, warm community feel that we’re after here in the first place. 


Thank you for your flexibility and understanding the past 5 weeks as we required masks through the Omicron spike. It’s my understanding that last night, (February 9, 2022) the Douglas County Commissioners ruled not to follow the recommendations of the health officers in lifting the mandate for crowds under 500. At this time we will make use of a religious exemption and no longer be requiring masks at our services. Church is relational. Church is expressive. As disciples, church gatherings are where disciples look to be profoundly attuned to the condition of their brothers and sisters. Therefore, it’s my conviction that masks are disproportionately conflicting to the mission of churches than tire shops, and other businesses.


So where do we go from here?


Perhaps there’s some interest in a “home church” masked-online gathering in someone’s house where a few families gather to watch church together. That could provide community and relationship in a smaller more cautious environment.


I’m also open to a small masked-gathering of acoustic worship and a conversational type sermon upstairs at the church Sunday mornings 8:30-9:30. 


I’m interested in whether or not there is any hunger for Song and Prayer to remain masked?  If so, I’m open to continue requiring masks.


I’m grateful that our team has consistently been able to provide a high-quality live online service, and encourage folks to watch faithfully, and intentionally from home during this time. We will continue to be live at for online church every Sunday.


While a full-blown second masked service doesn’t make sense right now, I’d like to hear from you if you’re interested in the suggested options above, or have some of your own. 


My desire is to find a way to come together often and dig deep so that we can plant a culture that serves our city and reproduces disciples. 


We see you. We miss you. We’re here for you. The future is bright, God is good, and our best days are ahead of us! 


No for real, the best is yet to come!


Pastor Jared