Olive Center

Olive Center at Greenhouse Church is dedicated to fostering and honoring a healing environment in order to provide meaningful advocacy services and support to those whose lives have been impacted by sexual trauma.


Olive Center ministers with a Biblical approach, but our services are available to those of any and no faith.


Calling Olive Center connects you or your loved one to a trained and experienced Trauma Support Advocate; all calls are confidential, and all advocacy services and supports are provided at no cost.


Trauma Support Advocacy may include:

– hotline trauma support (current hotline hours Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-5pm)

– by appointment, in-person trauma support 

– emergency personal care support (clothes, personal care, food assistance etc.)

– by appointment transportation and/or accompaniment to/from trauma related appointments/filings

– assistance with navigating community resources and paperwork

– family meetings

– crisis intervention


Trauma Support Advocates are primarily available to provide confidential, compassionate and empathetic support, crisis intervention, and information and resources to victims of sexual trauma, and their friends and family.


Contact Olive Center today at 785-371-9304.


Offices located at 1012 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 66044.


For more information, please contact Kristina McCollum by calling 785-371-9304 or emailing