Politely Full sermon art

Politely Full

God is attracted to gratitude, but distanced by grumbling. Numbers 14:1-4. 1 Corinthians 8:3.

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In It To Win It sermon art

In It To Win It

Being in the world but not of it is the condition on the way to the goal, not the goal itself. John 17:6-26. Romans 12:1-2. 1 John 2:15-17

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Roughin' It sermon art

Roughin’ It

We look at the story of Abraham, when he was known as Abram, and discuss God’s call on us to live by faith. Hebrews 11. Genesis 12:1-9.

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5G Clean sermon art

5G Clean

Sometimes we ask people to pray for us about a certain thing when we should actually be asking them to talk to us about a certain thing. Philemon 9-22.

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