Greenhouse Church

Why “Greenhouse Church”? Greenhouses are designed to help things grow. Light, warmth, protection, and reproduction all define these structures. We are solely focused on people growing spiritually as they discover how to follow Jesus day after day!


New around here? In “Connect” you’ll find lunch, a few friendly faces, and lots of truth. This two session class will help equip you to live every day as a follower of Jesus and create our common vocabulary. Connect covers the history, mission, vision, and core teachings of Greenhouse Church, as well as the opportunities to jump in and engage here. Connect happens on the third Sunday of every month at Noon.

Bible Studies

Reading, studying, and learning to apply the Scriptures with others is a powerful practice. We encourage everyone to get into a Bible study where they can build relationships, dig deep, and grow. Find one that fits your schedule by texting "haverim" to 94000.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow disciples who come together often and dig deep, in order to plant a culture that serves the city, and reproduces disciples.

Celebration Services

On Sunday mornings we come together to celebrate what God is doing and experience His goodness. We sing, teach the Bible, train kids, share communion, reflect, and pray together.

Neighborhood Church

Neighborhood Churches are where rich friendships are made. We meet in homes to do three simple things; to eat, to tell the stories of the Bible, and to pray for one another. Whether you’re married, single, in college, messy, organized, well acquainted with the Bible or you’ve never touched one in your life, you will thrive in a Neighborhood Church. If you choose to join a neighborhood church after completing Connect, we will place you in one. Our Neighborhood Churches meet every other week.


Realm is our online community. Everyone at Greenhouse Church is encouraged to interact on Realm. This tool helps us connect with people, communicate easily, and organize our church so that we can stay on mission with Jesus. We meet here daily to share future events, encouragement, prayer requests, and our lives with each other. Sign up via the welcome card on the table.